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West Kingdom Cookerie Guild Charter

Purpose The purpose of this Guild shall be:

  • To be an informal group of subjects of the West who share an interest in cooking.
  • To further the research and study of the cooking of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (hereby defined as "period").
  • To encourage and foster the art of period cooking within the Kingdom of the West.
  • To make available information on period cooking and encourage its use.
  • To disseminate the truth about period foods and help combat the myths.

Membership Membership is open to any subject of the West with an interest in cooking. Membership in the Guild is informal and can be attained by simply attending a Guild meeting or gathering.

Ranking The West Kingdom Cookerie Guild appreciates and admires the fact that many Guilds use a system of ranking for members to achieve status and to encourage members to participate in competition. The West Kingdom Cookerie Guild, however, was created along informal lines and does not choose to utilize any system of rank or title within the Guild.

Annual Meeting The West Kingdom Cookerie Guild shall endeavor to hold one or more meetings per year at a Kingdom-level event. The Cookerie Guild may or may not choose to have the guild "host" the pavilion once a year; this decision rests in the hands of the Cookerie Guild Minister and the Ministers of Art and Science of the Kingdom of the West.

Education and Service The Guild will provide education on period cooking in some form (usually a class or round-table discussion) during the course of every year. The Cookerie Guild Minister, at the request of the Ministers of Art and Science and/or the Collegium Coordinator, may take on the responsibility of finding teachers for Collegia and/or Art and Science events.

The Guild will be available to provide service to the Crown when needed. Traditionally the Guild has contributed to gift baskets for traveling Royalty and/or provided refreshments to the Royal Ready Rooms at Twelfth Night. The Education and Service requirements will be carried out at least once a year as the Cookerie Guild Minister sees fit.

Officers The Guild Minister : The administrative head of the Guild is called the Guild Minister (or Guild Representative, as s/he so chooses), and may hold office for no more than two years. The Guild Minister must maintain a current list of members and maintain any Guild resources that exist. The Guild Minister reports to the West Kingdom Minister of Arts. The Guild Minister may appoint a Chronicler if s/he sees fit.

The Guild Chronicler : The Chronicler is responsible for publishing the Guild Newsletter and may hold office for no more than two years. The Chronicler is answerable to the Guild Minister. The Chronicle shall be produced as the Chronicler and the Guild Minister see fit.

Finances The West Kingdom Cookerie Guild has no financial accounts and will not participate in any financial transactions. Should expenses be incurred or donations received in the name of the Guild, the Guild Minister shall report same to the Exchequer of the Kingdom of the West, who shall handle the situation as the Exchequer sees fit.

Last updated 01/03/2007
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